Opening event “The Future of Free Media” with free access to public

“The Future of Free Media” high-level event is dedicated to discussing the potential of media in fostering the understanding of the right to freedom of expression and freedom of press, in breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions and in promoting best practices investigative journalism and media management defending free press?—?unbiased, critical and independent? and freeing it from political and economic terms.

The event is aimed at media industry decision-makers, media professionals, media researchers, marketers, producers and advertisers from national, regional and local broadcasters, print media, news agencies, online media outlets in addition to mobile communications businesses and technology providers form Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Turkey, Slovakia among others.

Press freedom declines globally thanks to both known and new threats to journalists and media organizations. Despite the existing legal framework Bulgaria and the countries in the region keep experiencing systemic flaws that require political will, long-term sustained efforts and support in the promotion of freedom of expression and protection of journalists’ and media freedom and pluralism.

The event will address the issue of enhanced fragmentation of media landscape and its possible contribution to public opinion manipulation, which is another important side in understanding the impact of media and necessity of securing editorial independence. Bulgaria and the countries in Southeast Europe face the very same challenges as all developing countries and, which is even more alarming, as the established democracies.