Golden Umbrella Awards’ nominees Best Comedy Series

SIRENS (Italy)


Director: Davide Marengo

Cast: Valentina Bellè,Ornella Muti, Luca Argentero
Storyline: They are mythological creatures with captivating beauty. Sirens have come out onto the mainland to give a future to their species, enchanting men with their magic. Playfully and charming but deeply vulnerable if they lack water, four sirens enter Naples, the city built by sirens, to conquer the hearts of men and mankind on their mission to save the world from selfishness. 



Producer: Global Agency

Director: Ça?r? Bayrak

Cast: Can Yaman, Sanem Ayd?n

Storyline: Sanem is full of life, fun and a true dreamer. In the eyes of her family, she is a mischievous, non-stop talking child with no purpose in life and she gets her nose into trouble all the time. To support her father, Sanem starts opening her father’s grocery store early in the morning and helping him at the store. Sanem’s parents constantly tease her by saying, “unless you find a job, you’ll get married.” 




Producer: PLANET TV

Storyline: This sitcom portrays the lives of several tenants living in a typical block of flats. It offers a humorous take on neighbour disputes, fights, gossip, slander, and dealing with cannoying residents. We get to see how they make friends, flirt, and solve problems together.







Director: Vasilis Thomopoulos-Panos Koutras

Cast: Kostas Koklas, Marios Athanasiou, Spyros Poulis, Nikos Moutsinas, Stavros Svigkos

Storyline: Petros is not exactly a happy man. He cannot stand his wife Katerina because she tries to control every detail in his life. On his 40th birthday, Petros divorces her and finally feels free! He decides to renovate an old house that belongs to his aunt and rent the rest of the rooms to men like him – liberated and divorced. He will live there with a very special group of separated men: Eftixis, the loser, whose wife Martha walked out on him. Antonis, the Math teacher, a wimp “separated” from his mother Julia who still treats him like a little boy. Minas, a romantic gay and passionate man. He decides to forget his partner Angelos. Christoforos the womanizer plastic surgeon. His “small” defect is that he is unfaithful to his wife Violeta.

Petros’ renovated house will become the five mens’ heaven until their women, children, mothers, mother-in-laws, lovers and nannies start to appear…. At the end of the day is better off single or not?


4XXX4 (Greece)


Director: Dimitris Arvanitis

Cast: Penelope Anastassopoulou, Thomais Androutsou, Nikki Grana, Katerina Missichroni

Storyline: Four friends, Lydia, Veronica, Voula and Androniki, meet again after so long gone years. These four women decide to take on a very risky game: Each one of them will try to seduce another one’s husband. The promise for this little “experiment”: Never lie to one another! When this promise is inevitably broken, more lies are required and more relationships are deeply affected. The moment of truth about the newly-founded relationships is revealed in Parthenia’s office, their therapist! The lives of all four women change dramatically after this “experiment”. The viewer watches the four women flirt with their friends’ partners, some of the men fall into the ‘trap’, while others pass even at the last minute!



Producer: Global Films Bulgaria

Director: Kiril Kirov / Stanislav Donchev

Cast: Gerasim Georgiev, Militsa Gladnishka, Joana Kircheva

Storyline: “Suburban Cops” brings the audience into the daily lives and work of a group of cops, who actually dedicate most of their time to cover up their own mishaps instead of solving real problems and maintaining the peace in the neighborhood