Golden Umbrella Awards’ nominees for Best Crime Series


Producer: Cross Productions/RAI and Beta Film

Director: Stefano Lodovichi, Davide Marengo

Cast: Francesco Montanari, Miriam Dalmazio,David Coco

Storyline: Palermo, 1993. After decades of bloodshed and government officials mostly treading the water with street-level arrests, it is time to go after the bosses. Palermo’s streets are soaked in blood as a war between the mafia and the state claims the life of criminals as well as the innocent. 



Producer: co-production of RAI Fiction and Cross Productions in association with Beta Film

Director: Michele Soavi

Cast: Marco Giallini, Ernesto D’Argenio, Claudia Vismara

Storyline: Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone is not what you would call a role model police officer. Sarcastic, ill-tempered, charismatic and not all too law abiding, the native Roman with all his fibers must keep his mood swings at bay. As a result of vigilantism the seasoned detective is exiled to the more provincial, alpine Aosta Valley – a punishment which strikes Rocco at his heart.


CASE FILES (Slovenia)

Producer: PLANET TV

Storyline: Case Files is a 10-part documentary series about individual crimes in Slovenia. It focuses on the offences, crimes, and cases that shaped the country’s past, changing its perception, behaviour, investigative procedures, and in some cases even the legislation. The series includes statements from perpetrators, investigators, journalists, and

all those connected to a particular case. As well as the actual archived footage, the series offers a glimpse into the most notorious crimes with graphical reconstruction and re-enactment.