Producing in the Balkans – one of the focal points of Mediamixx Festival 2018

We would like to introduce to you one of the key moments during this year’s festival in Thessaloniki.

Producing in the Balkan will take a closer look to three very interesting perspectives:

Balkglocal © (=Balkans+local+global) to be or not to be
Think Global, act Balkglocal!
Glocal, a blender of contexts, people, ideas, stories, formats and contents.
Glocal as a bible, as a philosopher’s stone, as a matrix, as a hub
What’s a Balkan producer?
Typology, characteristics, generations, itineraries, works and figures
Meetings with some remarkable balkan producers
Producing in the Balkans
Geographical and historical digest: countries, facts and figures, medias, trends
Economics, laws, producing, coproducing
First hand feed back from balkan producer’s concrete experiences
Movies, documentaries, series, formats
Early bird registrations until August 15th. Don’t miss!